DiGangi Designs - A National Award winning shop, announces a brand new product line of innovative Patent Pending clamping saw horse products.

Based on marketplace demand, we are pleased to introduce an affordable combination saw horse/clamping device product line. Our new designs give the Homeowner / DYI, and the Professional, the opportunity to purchase multi-functional tools that solve the many problems of old-fashioned saw horses.

Our Patent Pending CLAMPING SAW HORSE line of clamping and holding devices allows users to securely clamp lumber or sheet stock, while performing cutting, drilling, and other tasks, without having to secure the materials with their knee or hand. With our new product, both hands are freed, make the job easier and safer.

Our convenient system also allows the user to support many types of portable bench top tools such as table saws, drill presses, and radial arm saws as well as converting a sheet of plywood into a large workstation for any number of tasks.

The simple, easy to adjust, clamping mechanism is quickly sized to accommodate a variety of dimensioned materials and can be expanded to any size by simply unscrewing the center support pipe and replacing it with one of a desired length.

Transporting and storing old-styled wooden saw horses have always been a problem. Our new, super sturdy, tubular steel leg models are designed to disassemble in seconds with a twist of the handy, built in set screw knobs. Deep sockets hold the properly angled legs steady and will support heavy loads, yet come apart quickly for convenient storage and easy transport.

These new saw horses are available with and without the clamping device attached to the center support beam. Use them together or use them separately.

Our optional, Patent Pending Adapter Bracket allows you remove the legs from the main body of the CLAMPING SAW HORSE ™ device and mount it onto any other existing saw horse or support platform surface. Simply attach the sturdy adapter brackets and screw them onto any existing support surface.

We also make The CLAMPING HITCH - A simple and inexpensive Patent Pending pipe clamping system that allows you to achieve the same results as the CLAMPING SAW HORSE ™, even if you do not want or need the leg assembly model. Just screw the complete clamping assembly onto any existing support surface and you are ready to go to work. Fast. Easy. Safe.

If you already have a PONY ® brand pipe clamp or a Harbor Freight pipe clamp, we make a special Patent Pending PONY HITCH for those models. This inexpensive conversion kit turns existing pipe clamps into more useful tools. Simply thread the adapter bolt through the bracket hole, and tighten it up into the clamp body, and you’ll be all hitched up and ready go to work.

If all you require is a very simple, inexpensive, take-apart wooden top saw horse, then our STABLE HORSE kit is perfect for you. Just supply any 2 X 6 board of convenient length and screw the brackets onto one side. Pop the sturdy, tubular, detachable legs into the heavy duty, properly angled leg sockets. Tighten the set screw knobs and you’ve got the right horse to get any job done.