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Our Patent Pending CLAMPING SAW HORSE ™ comes with 4 detachable steel legs and a 36 inch threaded center beam. The built in clamping device holds lumber or sheet stock “work steady” freeing both hands.Substitute varying lengths of 3/4" center pipe to hold up to 8 foot long materials. To see more click here.

Super strong machined heads, angle the legs 20º side to side and 10º outward for maximum stability. It also features swivel lock knobs mounted under the head, to help level the Horse’s legs on uneven ground.

For use as support platforms, order the STEADY HORSE ™ without the clamping device attachment. To see more click here.


CLAMPING SAW HORSE ™ disassembles in 60 seconds for easy transport.


Our Patent Pending HITCHING POST ™ adapter kit lets you take the legs off your Clamping Saw Horse and attach the entire clamping system to any support surface. To see more click here.


Simply screw our Patent Pending CLAMPING HITCH ™ onto any support surface or your own 2X4 or 2X6 wooden top horses and you’ll have both hands free to do your work safely and securely. To see more click here.


Our Patent Pending PONY HITCH ™ converts Pony and Harbor Freight 3/4 inch pipe clamps into a more useful CLAMPING HITCH. Thread our adapter kit into your clamp and mount on any surface. To see more click here.

Our Patent Pending STABLE HORSE ™ saw horse brackets screw onto any length 2 X 6. Simply slip in the 4 included detachable legs; tighten the set screws; and get to work!! To see more click here.